Introducing Our 2017 Award Winners

Introducing Our 2017 Award Winners!

On March 28th we hosted our annual awards ceremony to recognize our agents for their outstanding work this past year. We could not be prouder of our Mountain Lifestyles team! Operating across three offices, it is always a great time when we get the chance to gather together. 

We hosted the event at Posana, where they served us an excellent lunch and provided us a great venue. We got a market update from our friends at Mountain lifestyles mortgage, and we also presented our marketing plan for this next year. There is much to look forward to!












Individual Award Winners

Masters DiamondC21-Mountain-Lifestyles-Awards Ceremony

Cindy Jones, Hendersonville Office

Masters Emerald Award

Norval Hensley, North Asheville Office

Mary Cade Mainwaring, North Asheville Office

Masters Ruby

Debi Morris, Hendersonville Office

Nancy McKinley, Hendersonville Office

Jason Nicolai, South Asheville Office

Silver Award

G. Carroll Arrowood, North Asheville Office

Marilyn Barnwell, Hendersonville OfficeMountain-Lifestyles-Awards

Kathy Chieco, North Asheville Office

Dave Couch, South Asheville Office

Rose Huscher, Hendersonville Office

LeShea Rogers, Hendersonville Office

Bronze Award

Tony Baron, Hendersonville Office

Angela Cairnes, Hendersonville Office

Owen Fields, South Asheville Office

Bill Goodman, South Asheville OfficeC21ML-Luncheon

Wendy Gordon, Hendersonville Office 

Jason Hamlin, South Asheville Office

Patricia Hodgson, North Asheville Office

Allison LeCroy, South Asheville Office

Eunice Pearson, South Asheville Office

Eric Simpson, North Asheville Office

Bill Shipman, Hendersonville Office

Heather Weaver, South Asheville Office

Heather Weavil, South Asheville Office



Office Award Winners

North Asheville Office

Norval Hensley, Top Listing Agent by Volume

Mary Cade Mainwairing, Top Sales by Volume

Norval Hensley, Top Listing Agent by Units

Norval Hensley, Top Sales by Units


Hendersonville Office

Cindy Jones, Top Producer

Cindy Jones, Top Listing Agent by Volume

Cindy Jones, Top Sales by Volume

Cindy Jones, Top Listing Agent by Units

Cindy Jones, Top Sales by Units


South Asheville Office

Jason Nicolai, Top Listing Agent by Volume

Jason Nicolai, Top Sales by Volume

Jason Nicolai, Top Listing Agent by Units

Jason Nicolai, Top Sales by Units


Congratulations to our award-winning real estate agents!


~ Century 21 Mountain Lifestyles Team

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